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Trained Fire Watch Officers

Essential For Businesses Or Properties That May Be At Increased Risk For Fire Due To A Wide Variety Of Circumstances

Fire Watch is one of the many proactive things that a business or property owner can do to protect their security interest, and help to protect the property from fires. Fire watch officers are uniquely trained and equipped to deal with fires. They also recognize fire hazards because of their training that other security officers don’t have.

  • Fire Watch Officers are trained and equipped to deal with fires, and recognize fire hazards.
  • Their training and tools make them the perfect option for acting as fire prevention when your property is at increased risk for fire.
  • A Fire Watch officer or team can ascertain the threat, and if necessary, call the fire department before a problem spirals out of control.

Fire Watch is unlike other branches of security, but the importance of them is often understated. They are often the centerpiece for fire prevention, which is different from other types of security that focus more on making sure that people and property are safe from other people. Fire Watch Officers focus on fire prevention and ensuring that people don’t start fires on purpose, or as an unfortunate accident. Fire Watch is essential for businesses or properties that may be at increased risk for fire due to a wide variety of circumstances. There’s no substitute for having someone whose sole job is to ensure that fires don’t happen around to monitor an area or property for fire hazards.


Fire Watch is unique in the security world because of the responsibility added by protecting the building from fires as well as individuals in the same way that most security officers will protect your business or property. This attention to fire and fire hazards in something that other security officers aren’t trained to focus on, and something they often aren’t equipped to deal with. Fire Watch Officers are given the training and the equipment necessary to deal with threats from fire and fire hazards. This makes them unique among security officers in more than a few ways. They’re equipped to handle threats that other officers aren’t.

Superior Training

Our officers are the best because we only train the best and because the best are the only ones we trust to protect you and your business. Our specialty officer types such as fire watch and armed officers receive additional training to make sure they’re capable of the added responsibility, and that they can do their jobs to the quality standards that we demand.

Better Equipped

Most criminals and trouble makers won’t cause problems or behave in a criminal manner while a officers is present. They’ll just move along. A security officer keeps everyone on their best behavior. Fire watch is helpful in this regard because through either negligence or malice someone might start a fire or create a fire hazard. Fire watch is equipped with the tools to stop these fires or prevent them from happening.

Security Issues

There will always be new security issues in any location when people come and go. That’s where a security officer comes in. They can monitor situations and events to check for various security threats. When they find a threat to security they can deal with it swiftly and decisively. Security threats can range from broken gates to unauthorized people entering the premises. All of this can be a threat to the safety of the people in the community.

Quick Response

Fire watch also provides immediate response in the case of an emergency. There’s no substitute because in an emergency seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Seconds matter, and without security you will be stuck waiting 6-10 minutes for emergency services to arrive. Don’t let waiting be the difference in an emergency.


Fire Watch is the correct route for most businesses or properties that need fire prevention staff on-site to monitor the area. This step is important to be active in your security. Fire Watch provides a great baseline service while keeping you and your business or property safe.



Ascertain The Threat And If Necessary, Call The Fire Department


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